Philadelphia Fire Department Explorer Youth Program

What Does Hero Mean?

The Philadelphia Fire Department Explorers inspire communities and their peers to become engaged in pursuit of public safety and disaster preparedness. The Fire Explorers is a program for teens and young adults interested in fire science, emergency medical services (EMS), disaster relief, emergency management, and military-related training. They help emergency response organizations be more adaptive in providing service to ever-changing communities regarding growing populations, language barriers, economic transition, and/or cultural transformation.

Working side-by-side with the Philadelphia Fire Department, the Explorers are trained to work in diverse communities providing fire, life safety, and emergency preparedness education in various formats, such as door-to-door smoke alarm installations and home safety surveys, community events, and school career days. Through a mix of mentoring, classroom instruction, and hands-on training, the program also helps to build character, leadership, responsibility, and personal fitness in enrollees by performing many of the duties professional firefighters do on a daily basis.

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