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Wawa has always been committed to supporting the communities it serves. Over the past decade, we have established a new level of dedication and commitment to a specific community cause: fighting hunger throughout the six states Wawa serves.

As a regional food retailer, Wawa is continually looking for new ways to extend our commitment to this cause and expand its ability to help and the impact of our support. We launched a new program, Food Donation Connection, in 2013.

Food Donation Connection makes it possible to donate some of Wawa’s popular hot food express items. It involves a method of preserving the quality and freshness of the foods while ensuring they reach facilities that will benefit the most. Quite simply, we’ll be able to donate some of Wawa’s food products, reduce waste and make an even greater difference in the communities Wawa serves.

To register with the FDC, log on to the Food Donation Connection website at www.foodtodonate.com.  Once on the website click on “Join Harvest” and proceed to “Receive Donations”. 

From inception, we have contributed 19.9 million pounds of food or 16.6 million meals.