Types of Support

The Wawa Foundation and Wawa Community Care are committed to building and maintaining strong relationships with local communities and national partners. To achieve this, we provide focused financial and in-kind support for non-profit and community organizations, as well as event sponsorship and volunteerism.

We provide three types of support:

Our support focuses on three key areas:

Financial Grants
For local, state, and national partners (through The Wawa Foundation). Learn more
In-kind Support
For local community events and organizations (through Wawa Community Care). Please ensure your event date is at least 3 weeks from the date of your online submission. Learn more
Local Sponsorships
For charitable events (through Wawa). Learn more

Read below to help determine which type of support best suits your organization’s needs.

Begin the Submission Process

Financial Grants: The Wawa Foundation

The Wawa Foundation provides financial grants on a local, regional and national level ensuring that our commitment extends from the local communities Wawa serves. Only registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations operating in Wawa’s areas are eligible to apply. Organizations must fall into The Wawa Foundation’s three key areas of focus: Health, Hunger and Everyday Heroes. To learn more, review our Criteria for Success.

Our submission windows for grants over $2,500 for the year will be the months of January, April, July and October. Qualified organizations can submit grant requests and Letters of Inquiry during those timeframes. Requests will be reviewed and organizations will receive a response before the next grant submission window opens.

The Wawa Foundation has designated grant-making cycles during the calendar year. During those cycles, we accept online applications and Letters of Inquiry related to our areas of focus and funding priorities. If The Wawa Foundation approves the online Letter of Inquiry, the charitable organization may be requested to submit further information.

Local Connection Grants
Financial grants less than $2,500 are available to local non-profit organizations. After submitting an online inquiry, you should hear back from a representative from The Wawa Foundation within 4 weeks. Local connection grant inquiries are considered on an ongoing basis while budgeted funds last. Once the budget is reached, further inquiries will be declined for the current year and encouraged to re-apply for the following year.

In-Kind Support: Wawa Community Care

Wawa Community Care considers requests for in-kind donations to help community and youth organizations in our neighborhoods.

In-Kind Support will be available to qualifying organizations as long as budget for the applicable store/area/region has not been exhausted, and event date is not less than 3 weeks away:

  1. Product Donations: Soft pretzels or Wawa branded water. Wawa products must be picked up at a local store and cannot be resold at a program or event. (View Terms and Conditions of product/in-kind donations).
  2. Wawa Gift Basket/Free Hot Beverage Coupons: Selection of Wawa gift items and coupons for silent auction or fund-raising event.

Local Sponsorships: Wawa

Separate from The Wawa Foundation, Wawa provides financial support for charitable events organized by qualified charitable organizations, such as walks or community events benefiting charities in our areas of focus.

The donations raised by the events support the charities’ general operating expenses. Typical sponsorships range from $250 to $2,500, and funds are limited. Once the budget is reached, further inquiries will be declined for the current year and encouraged to re-apply for the following year.


Only requests submitted through this site via the submissions process will be considered for funding. Requests submitted by mail, phone or e-mail will not be considered for funding and will be directed to complete the online application process.