Students Run Philly Style

Students Run Philly Style (SRPS) transforms students’ lives through mentorship over miles of long-distance running and achievement. SRPS pairs Philadelphia students, in grades 6-12, with adult, volunteer mentors to train for an incredible challenge – completing a long-distance race. SRPS youth and Mentors train side by side, 3 times per week, for up to 9 months to reach their milestone goal of running the Blue Cross Broad Street 10-mile Run or the Philadelphia Marathon.  SRPS’ program is free including running shoes, gear, race entries, and transportation to and from all events, to students, mentors and schools enrolled.  SRPS is serving over 1,000 students in over 50 schools throughout the city.  This shared mission is transformative, helping students build confidence, resilience, and the ability to take on any challenge.

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